Sales Verification Questionnaire

  1. Total Sales Price?  
    Date of Purchase?
  2. Was any trade of real estate, fixtures, equipment, merchanise or other personal property included in this sale? Yes No  
    If Yes, what type of property?
    Estimate of Value:
  3. Was any financing assumed from the prior owner? Yes No  
    If Yes, what was the amount?
  4. Was this sale between relatives? Yes No  
  5. Was this a forced sale by court order, divorce, or foreclosure to settle an estate, etc.? Yes No  
  6. Do you consider the sale price to be the market value of the real estate on the date of the sale? Yes No  
    If no, why?
  7. If this is rental property, what is the monthly rent?
    Gross Rent (Landlord pays bills) Net Rent (Tenant pays bills)
  8. What is the present use of this property?
    If this property is a single family residential, what is the:
    Year Built: Square Feet of Heated / Cooled Area:
    Number of Baths: Type of Heating / Cooling:
    Number of Bedrooms: Number & Type of Fireplaces:
    Insulation: Ceilings Walls Floors
    Roof Covering:
    Condition at time of purchase:
  9. Street Address of Property:  
    Property Owner:  
    Telephone (Optional):
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